Friday, 28 April 2017

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27 Apr

Celebrate National Small Business Week with 30 inspiring facts about small business

In honor of National Small Business Week, we scoured the Internet to find facts and tips about U.S. small business that will inspire you to grow and keep going. The Current State Of Small Business Ap…

25 Apr

Using social media to boost sales

Social media should be part of any marketing mix: it’s a cheap, effective and easy-to-use marketing tool.

18 Apr

The importance of digital marketing

If you want people to be able to easily find your bank, then having a clear digital marketing strategy in place is essential. Otherwise potential customers won’t know you exist.

29 Mar

Reasons why banks should outsource their content marketing

It’s no secret that banks are in need of fresh, dynamic content for their websites, especially their small business sections. But one of the most commonly asked questions is “How? And from where?”

17 Mar

Boost word of mouth with the ideal customer experience

The perfect business partner Running a small business these days is a 24/7 job. Business owners are living and breathing their business, and continually thinking of new ways to expand and grow. They’re forming and maintaining relationships with all kinds of key stakeholders – customers, suppliers, their competition… and most […]

15 Mar

How banks can revolutionise small business services

More and more, banks are realizing that their small business customers are just as valuable as the big ones. And because of that, they’re working on bringing more of them into the bank.

14 Mar

How blogs can help you find new customers

When it comes to content marketing, all too often banks fail to realize the potential blogging has.

12 Mar

Turning traffic into leads

Here’s the thing about internet traffic – it’s not worth anything unless you can convert it into leads.

10 Mar

The rise of Twitter for small business owners

Social media is a more potent force than ever before and one of the sites at the forefront of the social media revolution is Twitter.

10 Mar

Infographics – effective visual content

If it’s visual, it’s engaging There’s no secret to it – quality visual content grabs attention faster and your reader retains the information longer. Which is why infographics can be such a useful tool when it comes to content marketing. Let’s face it, banking content can sometimes be a bit […]