Saturday, 16 December 2017

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13 Dec

Successful long-term content marketing

Is your bank taking a long-term approach to its content marketing strategy? If it’s putting in the time and effort to build a sustainably successful content marketing plan, the rankings, traffic and conversion rewards can be well worth it.

11 Dec

Delight your customers with a Small Business Resource Centre

The idea is to provide a one-stop shop where your small business customers can access tools and resources that will help their small business throughout its lifecycle, from start up to growth to exit.

07 Dec

Simplicity and a dynamite headline

Without top quality content, your bank will struggle to get customers to your website and will have difficulty keeping them interested until they contact you to solve a problem

04 Dec

What banks get out of content marketing

It’s important to market your content effectively to stay relative and authoritative in your industry – and to gain vital revenue.

29 Nov

How humor can spice up dry content

Content that gives your audience a laugh – especially if the topic is a bit dry – will make it stick in their minds longer.

27 Nov

6 tips for sprucing up your content marketing

Content marketing campaigns tend to have a few common elements – they’re accessible, consumable, relevant, solve their target audience’s specific problems, and they contain terrific storytelling.

22 Nov

Content marketing tools – make the most of them

It’s hugely important to be able to understand how to promote your content so you can increase traffic, win over customers and build your influence. Utilizing the right tools for your market will help.

14 Nov

The difference between a happy customer and a fan

Fans are happy customers who’ve become a free spokesperson for your brand. It’s no big secret – word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to promote your bank and its products and services.

08 Nov

Make sure your content’s heard over the internet chatter

Getting your share of attention amongst all this online noise is a bigger challenge than it used to be.

01 Nov

What your small business customers are looking for

At the end of the day, what small business owners want is a bank that understands small business.