Tuesday, 28 March 2017

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13 Feb

Making the most of social media – for banks and small business

These days there’s a variety of social media options available online, and they are, for the most part, free. Which means you have at your disposal a cost-free resource that can help market your bank and drive traffic to your website.

13 Feb

Avoiding content marketing pitfalls

Here’s the thing about content marketing – you can’t ever rest on your laurels. There’s no big secret to success – your content needs to be fresh and dynamic, or your audience simply gets bored and doesn’t return.

06 Feb

Boost your content with expert contributors

There’ll always be time when you struggle to come up with new content for the small business section of your website. You know it’s important to keep your content ticking over but, well, right now the creative well’s run dry.

06 Feb

Why having an exit strategy’s important from the beginning

Something that doesn’t get considered often – especially during a busines launch – is how the business owner plans to exit their venture someday. Which is fair enough, because the last thing they want to be thinking about while launching or growing a business is how it’ll all end.

02 Feb

Measuring traffic to determine the success of your website is dead

In the mid 2000’s we worked with Microsoft out of Seattle. A key conversation was ‘traffic is like a currency. If you can generate traffic, don’t worry about if you can make any money. It will follow’. Cue Facebook, You Tube and all the others that proved this right. But […]

02 Feb

Show your small business customers how to achieve sustainable growth

Achieving growth that‘s sustainable is never easy – pumping air into a business means the air needs to keep flowing, as well as avoiding anything that could deflate growth plans.

01 Feb

Making learning practical for small business owners

When it comes to the small business section of your bank’s website, you might be thinking about what content you can publish that’s fresh, dynamic and above all, useful for your small business customers. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that it’s never too late to learn.

26 Jan

Who should be responsible for your content marketing?

It’s a question we’re often asked – who’s the best person to take care of the content on the bank’s website? The short answer is that it’s best done as a team effort. If you have a group of small business advisors who have a range of expertise, then it should be exploited to the fullest – in other words, make the most of the experience at your disposal.

25 Jan

The importance of an online presence

As we say so often, everyone’s online these days. They expect to be able to find a business or a bank by using Google – and using it on their smartphone. That’s why it’s so important for a bank, even one in a small town whose customers are families who […]

24 Jan

Get your content making noise

Getting your share of attention amongst all the online noise is a bigger challenge than it used to be. And when it comes to banking content, it’s even tougher to get customers clicking on you instead of the most recent “funny cats” video doing the rounds. One of the best […]