Wednesday, 18 October 2017

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11 Aug

Small business charge-out rates – realistic calculations

An all too common mistake small business owners make is not properly calculating a rate for their service. This is especially important if their business offers a service that sees the business owner and their employees most often at their clients’ homes.

03 Aug

How to convince your small business customers to move to the cloud

If you’ve got small business customers who are reluctant to move their accounts to the cloud, now’s the time to convince them that’s it’s not complicated, that it’s in fact easier and ultimately more secure.

27 Jul

The SBA – an alternate lending solution

Are you an SBA-approved lender? If so it’s a good idea to have some comprehensive content around how SBA loans work, as the process can be quite confusing for business owners.

20 Jul

Help your small business customers to avoid cyber fraud

Cyber crime continues to develop and expand alongside technology as criminals find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in new systems and hardware.

13 Jul

Social media trends in business banking

There are more than two billion active social media users worldwide – and your target audience is likely to be amongst them.

06 Jul

Teach your small business customers to improve their cash flow

Do you often have your small business customers complaining that they can’t keep enough cash running through the business? If so, take the opportunity to give them some tips on how to improve their cash flow.

22 Jun

Content marketing – what not to do

When it comes to content marketing, you can get so involved in the tone and voice of your own website and social media that you might be encountering pitfalls without even realizing it.

16 Jun

Your bank’s website is an asset, not a brochure

It used to be that printed content was dominant when it came to marketing, and web content was only considered after all the printed material had been finalized. The website would then reflect that printed content, which is why some websites are viewed as ‘online brochures’. For some businesses, this […]

08 Jun

Teach your small business customers the difference between cash flow and profit

All too often, small business owners (especially those who are just starting out) mistake cash flow and profit as the same thing. When they’re talking to you at the bank about their financial situation, it’s a good idea to guide them towards some content that explains the difference. The goal […]

26 May

Why your bank’s website should include a Small Business Resource Center

More and more, banks are starting to realize that their small business customers are just as valuable as those in big business. Small business is becoming increasingly important to the global economy, and as such, they should be supported and helped to grow and succeed. Become known as small business […]