Tuesday, 28 March 2017

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16 Dec

Case studies – win-win for banks and customers

One case study, so much content Here’s the thing – people love to tell their own stories, especially if they’re success stories. So if your bank has clients who are running profitable small businesses, the chances are very good they’ve got some good tales to tell about their path to […]

11 Nov

The importance of digital marketing

Searching for a bank – everyone’s online When was the last time you saw someone pick up the actual, doorstop-heavy, physical version of the Yellow Pages? So long ago you probably can’t remember. It’s just not how people search for a bank – or any kind of business – anymore. […]

21 Oct

How blogs can help you find new customers

Blogs boost brand awareness When it comes to content marketing, all too often banks fail to realize the potential blogging has. Not only are you constantly engaging your audience, but blogs are great for boosting brand awareness – they keep your brand front-of-mind, and increase your prospects. The thing about […]

07 Oct

Outsourcing your content marketing

Has your bank embraced content marketing? Creating consistently valuable content isn’t easy – in fact, engaging your target small business audience can be tough. One solution can be to outsource this task to a content marketing company that specializes in generating content that connects on a regular basis. Outsourcing content […]

16 Sep

Why augmented reality will remove the need for bank branches forever

There is a lot of talk about banks closing branches, especially in smaller towns. Guess what? In the future there won’t be any branches at all. So if you are a customer facing bank manager, or anyone working in a branch, best to find a new career and don’t encourage […]

02 Sep

Why banks shouldn’t cut branches

There has been a lot of press lately about digital banking, the move to mobile, and banks needing to move with the times and slash their bulky overhead structures. Many banks have taken this on board and decided the easy target are branches and staff. Remove 200 branches, and the […]

02 Sep

Recent trends on the content marketing landscape

Content marketing trends are continuing to emerge and evolve – and it makes finding out what your audience wants content-wise a little more difficult. Recent trends are usually a smart bet, such as the ones outlined below. The rise of podcasts targeted at small businesses Your small business banking customers […]

26 Aug

How small business owners become thought leaders

A great way to grow a business One of the most effective ways for small business owners to grow their business is by boosting brand awareness and credibility. And a tried-and-true method for that is to become a thought leader – someone who’s considered the ‘go-to’ authority in their area. […]

10 Aug

Xero, Sage, Intuit? Which one? It doesn’t matter.

Ever notice how the accounting software companies are all starting to look the same? How does a small business choose? Now that Sage and Intuit have launched online versions of their software to catch up to Xero, the three most practical options have similar price points, features (if not launched then […]

29 Jul

Small business banking conference in November

Apart from the fact the venue is the PGA National Resort and Spa..there are loads of reasons to attend this conference in November. I’ve been to the last 5. The bank exec’s I talk to find the conference invaluable to have time away from the office, and meet and talk […]