Friday, 23 March 2018

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25 Oct

Why you should be holding workshops, demonstrations and events

Holding regular events such as workshops and seminars is not only a great way to market the bank’s business, but also to provide your small business customers with resources, knowledge, and a way of building a better relationship.

07 Aug

Encourage your small business customers to become active in their industry

Running workshops, events and seminars is a great way for small business owners to connect with their customers and their industry, while boosting brand awareness.

12 Jul

Encourage small business customers to become thought leaders

If a small business owner is viewed as an expert in their field, not only can they grow their customer base, but they’re also going to boost their credibility in the eyes of their peers and competition.

04 Jul

Get your small business customers out there in their industry

When it comes to marketing a business, one of the most effective ways of doing it is to become an expert in the field.

27 Jun

Are your small business customers ready to franchise?

One of the best and most effective ways to grow a business and see a major spike in profits is to turn it into a franchise.  If you’ve got small business customers selling something that’s in high demand and with a business model that can be replicated, it could be […]

26 Jun

Lease vs. buy assets – help your small business customers decide

Borrowing money’s not always essential when it comes to assets. And if you’ve got small business customers who are thinking of doing just that, it might be a good idea to help them decide if purchasing is the best way to go for their business. Help them to think about […]

13 Jun

Taking stock after the launch

The launch is a critical time, and once it’s over, good business owners will look back and take stock.

06 Jun

Do your small business customers really need a business loan?

A business loan is not always the best solution – there are other options to consider.

30 May

Help your small business customers to boost brand awareness

Sometimes, small business owners get so caught up in the day-to-day running of their business they forget to get out there and promote their brand.

18 May

Helping your small business customers to grow their business

It’s something that’s at the forefront of all small business owners’ minds: growth. How can we grow the business? How can we become more significant in our industry? What would it take to improve our cash flow?