Friday, 28 April 2017

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27 Apr

The importance of business mentors

A bank’s small business advisors are ideally placed to not only provide sound assistance and guidance to their small business customers, but to complement that guidance by helping them find business mentors and advisors.

26 Apr

Helping make sure your small business customers are legally compliant

All too often, people dive into a start-up without first checking that they don’t have any legal obstacles in their way.

13 Apr

Cash flow – the lifeblood of your small business customers

Most first-time business owners will, at some point, need some help managing and improving their cash flow.

12 Apr

Get creative with small business finance

Banks can – and should – cement their relationships with their small business customers further by offering finance solutions that aren’t just about loans.

11 Apr

Outsourcing administration – the small business opportunity

Small businesses’ growth could be stifled because of the burden of financial administration, a study says.

06 Apr

Why small business owners should become thought leaders

Small business owners should always be thinking of ways to boost brand awareness. The more their brand is out there, the more customers they’ll gain. One of the best ways to do this is to become a thought leader in their industry.

04 Apr

Helping small business owners manage cash flow

Small businesses exist to make money. But they won’t be as profitable as they can be if the business owners aren’t managing their cash flow effectively.

30 Mar

The benefits of running a small business from home

One of a small business owner’s largest expenses is rent. It doesn’t really matter where in the world they are, rent on a commercial building is expensive. Which is why, next time your small business customers come to you for advice on how to find extra cash, you might suggest they move their operation back home.

23 Mar

The importance of proofreading

There are many reasons people don’t take the time or trouble to thoroughly proofread their content – they’re too busy, they think they’ve picked up all the errors during the writing phase, they see it as a waste of time – but the most common reason is they figure that what they’ve got is good enough.

17 Mar

It’s still possible to have a bricks-and-mortar store in New York

Something that banks around NYC must hear often from their small business customers is how expensive commercial rents are.