Tuesday, 28 March 2017

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24 Feb

Keeping your small business customers safe from cyber crime

Cybercrime has advanced along with technology. It doesn’t matter if you have one or 100 computers connected to the Internet – understanding the threats posed by cybercrime and training staff to spot them is a must for doing business in the 21st Century.

23 Feb

Why your small business customers need a business plan

When you’re thinking of resources for the small business section of your bank’s website, a business plan guide and template should be at the core of what you offer.

22 Feb

Why your female small business customers have the advantage

Increasingly, women are becoming small business owners. You’ve probably noticed that they’re making up more of the bank’s small business customers.

20 Feb

Helping small businesses recruit the best talent

A key factor that most small businesses hinge upon is customer service. And the best way to ensure that a business is providing an awesome customer experience is to make sure that it has the right staff.

16 Feb

The small business section of a bank’s website

A business’s website is one of its key marketing tools, and this is true for banks as well.

15 Feb

Helping small business owners understand taxes

Although most of your small business customers will have accountants to file their annual tax return, it never hurts to have some resources available on the small business section of your bank’s website to help them understand just how they’re supposed to pay Uncle Sam.

06 Feb

Why having an exit strategy’s important from the beginning

Something that doesn’t get considered often – especially during a busines launch – is how the business owner plans to exit their venture someday. Which is fair enough, because the last thing they want to be thinking about while launching or growing a business is how it’ll all end.

03 Feb

Encourage your small business customers to move to the cloud

It only takes one IT-related disaster before business owners ask themselves the inevitable question – how can I stop this happening again?

01 Feb

Helping your small business customers with their insurance needs

Being in business involves risks. Some most business owners are aware of, but there may also be others that have escaped their attention.

31 Jan

Show your small business customers how to set up a cash reserve

A successful business is one that’s able to juggle their cash flow, and maintain a balance between cash coming in and cash going out. Creating a cash reserve is one of the most effective ways to handle short-term issues like falling sales, but indeed survive.