Saturday, 23 September 2017

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19 Sep

Talk to your small business customers, not at them

Whether you’re showcasing a new financial tool, marketing new small business packages or plugging an upcoming event, try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about how you’d like to be engaged.

13 Sep

Making your content attractive to small business owners

Small business owners are looking to their bank as a partner in their business venture, and relying on their advice and guidance.

06 Sep

Making the most of Facebook

Facebook is the primary social media platform on the internet. And although some may argue that LinkedIn is more business-oriented, it’s also true that many businesses, large and small, connect with their customers through Facebook.

22 Aug

Turn your small business customers into fans

Creating cheerleaders out of customers involves some pretty basic psychology; it’s just knowing how people think and behave naturally. If your customers have the same passion for your business that you do, then they’ll not only sell for you, but they’ll have an incredibly powerful way of communicating that enthusiasm […]

28 Jun

What small business owners are looking for in a bank

These days, small business owners are looking for more from their bank than just finance. Increasingly, they’re looking to their bank as a partner in their business venture.

06 Jun

Do your small business customers really need a business loan?

A business loan is not always the best solution – there are other options to consider.

25 May

Making the most of mobile

People are relying on their smartphones for increasing tasks these days, and technology is jumping ahead in leaps and bounds, with new apps being developed all the time.

04 May

The SBA – an alternate finance solution

Help your small business customers decide on the SBA loan program that’s best for them.

20 Apr

Help your small business customers prepare a successful loan application

Give your small business customers the best chance of succeeding in their application by guiding them through the process.

19 Apr

Creative ways to raise finance

If your bank is an SBA lender, you’ll be aware of the programs and how they’re designed specifically to help small business owners who don’t qualify for a bank loan.