Friday, 28 April 2017

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16 Mar

Show your small business customers how to prepare a business loan application

As a bank, you’ll understand better than anyone that bank financing is essential for most small businesses, whether they’re just starting out or looking to expand and grow their business.

15 Mar

How banks can revolutionise small business services

More and more, banks are realizing that their small business customers are just as valuable as the big ones. And because of that, they’re working on bringing more of them into the bank.

13 Mar

Mobile the way forward for banks and SMEs

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – mobile technology’s the Next Big Thing.

10 Mar

Meeting your small business customers’ digital needs

Banking has remained unchanged for centuries, but the 21st century is demonstrating that convenience and mobile technology are driving the evolution of this industry.

09 Mar

Helping your small business customers manage a cash crisis

One of the main problems small business owners are going to take to their bank is cash flow. If they’re not skilled in handling it, they could face a cash flow crisis.

06 Mar

Be the SME banking experts

It’s a common misconception that big business is the mainstay in terms of valued customers for most banks. And while they are important customers, it’s important to understand that SMEs are becoming just as valued by many banks in today’s business world.

06 Mar

Helping your small business customers manage their cash flow

Small businesses exist to make money. But they won’t be as profitable as they can be if the business owners aren’t managing their cash flow effectively.

02 Mar

The more payment options, the better

Small business owners are in business to make money. Whether they’re selling retail products, offering a service or they’re a B2B operation, they’ll have customers who need to pay them.

28 Feb

Best banking service for SMEs

Banking is a competitive industry. And one of the ways to get ahead is to focus on small business.

27 Feb

SME owners need banking apps with functional, simple designs

It’s standard practice for banks to have their own mobile apps for their business customers to use when on the go, but how much time and effort is being invested in the design of these applications?