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Choosing a memorable business name

21 Jul

What’s in a name? Short answer – a lot. A business name is the first contact its potential clients will have with it, so it needs to be unique, descriptive, effective and memorable. If your small business customers are having trouble coming up with a name for their new business, there are some brainstorming tips you can offer them.

It’s a decision that shouldn’t be rushed. If they’re panicking because they’re getting ready to launch and still haven’t thought of a name, reassure them that hardly anyone comes up with the perfect name straightaway. Those ‘light bulb’ moments are rare. Actually, brainstorming on a name should be fun – they can get together with their friends and family and toss round some ideas.

One of the best ways to brand a business name is to tie it to a slogan or tagline. Think of some of the world’s best known businesses – you’ll often hear the jingle that goes with it. A good slogan will help to reinforce the name and boost the brand, imprinting itself on customers’ memories. It’s important to avoid puns or jokes though – it might be funny to them, but they risk alienating their customer base if no-one else gets it.

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