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18 Jan

Lots of banks have small business sections on their websites, and those sections typically include the kind of resources that are useful to their small business customers in terms of start-up, management, growth, succession etc. What you don’t see a lot of are guides and resources around the health of the business and its owner and employees. Which is a shame, because if the people who run the business aren’t at their physical and psychological best, the business will suffer as a result.

Business owners in particular are prone to overworking themselves. Often they don’t realise they’re doing it – a normal work day for them is somewhere around 10-12 hours and weekends are a forgotten luxury. Yes, they’re under pressure, but working themselves to the bone won’t actually do the business any good in the end, when they’ve burnt themselves out.

So what a bank can do is introduce content to the small business section of their website that helps business owners pace themselves and teaches them how to recognize the signs of stress and fatigue in others.

It’s not rocket science – happy and healthy employees and managers mean a happy and healthy business. The below article goes into burnout in more depth.

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