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“Engaging content” – define what that really means

14 Dec

by Kirsty Quested

What does “engaging” mean?

You could ask a wide selection of content marketing experts how they’d define “engaging content”, and you’ll get a slew of different responses. The reason is that as individuals, we have different ideas about what constitutes interesting and engaging content.

That said, there are some things that will pop up again and again. And they’re the key factors you should take into consideration when creating content. Because let’s face it – one of your main goals is to try and make that content engaging. If you’re not trying to capture your customers’ attention, what’s the point?content-marketing-is-on-the-rise

The main points

Banks are faced with the challenge of creating engaging content more than most, which isn’t surprising when you consider that financial topics can be intimidating. What you’re looking to do is encourage business owners to abandon any head-in-the-sand ideas they might have about their business challenges, and make your website the go-to place for solutions.

  • On-the-spot solutions – think about some of the most common issues your customers are facing as business owners. Then brainstorm about what content you could product that’s relevant and will help them with a problem right now.
  • Competitive advantage – content around running a successful small business is packed with the importance of defining a competitive advantage. But have you tried applying it to your content? Think about what you can offer your customers that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Be entertaining – it’s no secret; if you can entertain your customers with your content then your message is likely to stick in their minds longer. They’re also going to tell others about it, and keep coming back. Have a look at our blog on getting a laugh out of content marketing.
  • Calls to action – these are a great way to get your customers to engage further with you. Check out our blog on CTAs and how to get the most out of them.

Your basic rule of thumb when it comes to creating engaging content means finding ways to grab your audience’s interest and attention, encouraging them to read more. Cleverly designed content will encourage click-throughs (another great way to use CTAs) so that they become increasingly drawn into the content on the site. For example, a small business owner might be seeking advice on how to conduct a cash flow forecast, but the content will use persuasive methods to get them looking at other financial tools on offer. Or it could be that someone is thinking of starting a business, but is lacking in confidence – until they read the entertaining and informative case studies you’ve published on other small business owners who’ve successfully taken the plunge.

So when you’re creating content, keep these tips at the forefront of your mind. Not only will you draw your audience in and keep them there, but you’ll gain a deeper understanding of them and their needs.

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