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Keeping up with business processes and tasks

15 Sep

As any small business owner will tell you, running their own business is time consuming and not without its complications. Of course, they’ll also tell you about the manifold rewards, but what happens all too often in small businesses are tasks and processes that were put in place during the planning stage and which have been left to stagnate as things have got busy.

It’s important for small business owners to remember that when they sat down to plan the operation of their business, they developed certain processes for a reason. They were outlined in the business plan, which is a document that should be referred to and updated regularly.

Marketing’s a task that’s often neglected as the business increases its customer base and is racing to fulfil orders. It’s great when things are busy like that, but time still needs to be built in for promoting the business and its brand, so that it’s still in people’s minds when things calm down again.

Talking to customers is also really important. Whether it’s over social media platforms, through feedback surveys or face to face, business owners and their staff need to take the time to talk to their customers and get their opinions on their products and services. Otherwise how will they know where they need to improve?

The below article looks at 10 areas that are often overlooked as a business becomes busy.

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