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Talk to your customers about Brexit’s effect on small business

29 Jun

It’s one of the most controversial referendums in global history, and the fallout is far from over. It’s likely that your small business customers are going to have one thing uppermost in their minds – what will this mean for my business? As their banking partner, you can spend some time with them helping them to understand what effect Brexit could have on the US economy, particularly small business. Some of the regulatory reform bills that were currently before Congress have been stalled due to the referendum, but those regulations could be a challenge for small business owners once things get moving. They’re also likely to impact on people wanting to start a small business. Not only that, but Brexit is influencing Europe’s economy as well, which could alter their buying behavior. American small businesses that are trading in the international marketplace need to be aware of the changes in the European markets and this article has some good insight into what Brexit could mean for your small business customers.

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