Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Information and commentary for the small business banking industry

Tomorrow’s content marketing trends

By creating a great experience across the different types of content you offer customers, you’re immediately gaining a connection between them and your company. And that’s what you want – for your brand to have meaning and to lead to long-term relationships.

For example, Capital One bank launched its ‘Wallet’ app while using its social media channels to tell customers ‘wallet stories.’

Co-created content

Getting your customers involved in helping to craft your company’s content is another avenue to building strong interactions. It has been labeled ‘participation marketing’ and is a great way to encourage more meaningful engagement.

One example is American Express, who has let customers take over its Instagram account.

Lack of time

Customers are beginning to expect information that’s personalized and easy to find – they want content that’s more accessible and relevant. This is particularly true with people who’re more affluent. They don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for the information they need.

For example, Turkey’s Garanti Bank lets customers set up to ten parameters when applying for a ‘flexi card’ – including reward rates, interest rates and fees.

Pocket content

Mobile web surfing is already popular with people, but what about viewing content on mobile devices? Mobile apps are moving in the right direction – though click rates on emails from financial providers are some of the lowest for any industry.

Learning to produce content that’s valuable to your customers while they’re on the go (and is compatible with their devices and habits) is crucial.

An example of great pocket content is the Barclays mobile banking app. It’s rated one of the best with its flawless design and feature-loaded software.

Differentiate your content

Trying to stand out from the crowd can be difficult. You’ll need to develop content that’s part of a strategy which aims to advance your company’s services and products – as well as the brand qualities that make you unique.

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