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Was that content written by a human or a robot?

31 Mar

Have you ever wondered whether a piece of online content – an article or a blog – wasn’t actually written by a real person? It’s possible that you’ve already read an online article that was written by a robotic algorithm.

The future is here

When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), we normally have images of certain science fiction movies with robots that can communicate and pilot spacecraft. On planet earth however, there’s another type of AI shaking up the content world.

Language has generally been a problem area for AI thanks to the complexities of grammar rules, but this could be changing. Algorithms are now able to search the Internet for information, bring it together, and create an article that highlights the main points and summarizes the information.

On a daily basis, certain sets of information like weather forecasts, sports statistics and stock prices are being processed by a machine to create content.

The potential for business

There’s potential for businesses to use software that could go further by:

  • Rewriting press releases.
  • Summarizing lengthy documents.
  • Looking through unstructured texts for insightful content.

For example, the Associated Press (AP) is already using automated systems to rewrite articles and create quarterly earnings business reports.

A numbers game

As content marketing evolves it may be turning into a different kind of numbers game. Instead of content writers producing a great piece of quality content to be viewed by as many readers as possible, algorithms are able to generate thousands of pieces of content each targeted at a few readers.

Whether these robotic writers are able to grow complex enough to create quality content on any topic, for any audience, remains to be seen – but it may only be a matter of time. Could they even write better than humans one day?

A world where AI is able to write tailor-made articles for a reader based on the information it knows about that reader, isn’t impossible.

The value of the human hand

Great content provides value, and at least for now it still requires a human hand to create it. But expect to see AI in the form of content writing algorithms become more prominent over the coming years.

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