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Why your female small business customers have the advantage

22 Feb

Increasingly, women are becoming small business owners. You’ve probably noticed that they’re making up more of the bank’s small business customers. And it’s not always easy being a woman in business, which can sometimes be discouraging. The next time you notice one of your small business customers fretting over how she’s going to manage everything, it might help to point out the following.

Women are more likely to seek support, since they value feedback and advice. They’re natural nurturers, qualities which can mean a more positive workplace, with stronger staff and customer loyalty.

Then there’s work/life balance – often women go into business as a way to make things better for them. Being their own boss means they’re calling the shots and can tailor the business to fit in with family life.

And women are often better communicators. They like to share the experience of others, and are more likely to ask questions, which means they’re tapping into the knowledge of others and making it their own.

These are just some of the advantages that women in business have. The below article looks at ways to achieve more.

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