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Why banks shouldn’t ignore digital marketing strategies

16 Dec

When was the last time you saw someone pick up the actual, doorstop-heavy, physical version of the Yellow pages? So long ago, you probably can’t remember. It’s just not how people search for a bank – or any kind of business – anymore. And while the Yellow Pages has moved with the times and transferred itself to the internet, Google’s really the first place people go when searching for… well, anything.

If you want people to be able to easily find your bank, then having a clear digital marketing strategy in place is essential. Otherwise potential customers won’t know you exist. And this is true even if you’re a small-town bank in a place where businesses and families have known you for generations – if you’re not up with the times, they’ll consider taking their business elsewhere.

It shouldn’t be suggested that a digital marketing strategy should completely take the place of traditional methods, but if banks don’t have one in place they’ll fall immediately behind the times and lose potential customers. Depending on what your target market looks like, you can team your digital strategy with other methods to maximize the amount of leads you’re getting.

The below article looks at 10 digital marketing predictions that focus on small business for 2017.

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