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18 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

05 Aug

It’s Friday, and we’re taking a more light-hearted look at some of the tactics small business owners can use to boost their marketing goals. And what’s more fun than watching movies?

It puts me in mind of one movie in particular (although it’s not on the list) – children of the 80s, surely you remember this…

“Bueller… Bueller… Bueller…”

Aside from being one of the greatest John Hughes classics ever, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was famous for breaking the 4th wall, which is when the protagonist forgets he’s a 3 dimensional character and interacts directly with the audience. And you know what that does? It makes the audience connect with the character.

The great thing about breaking the fourth wall is that you have more opportunities to inject some irreverence into your content. Dealing with finances, talking with a bank manager, understanding how to use financial tools – customers can find that kind of thing a bit daunting. So think of some ways you can inject some humor into your content, how you can engage directly with your audience, and how you can get your content telling a story.

There’s a reason movies stay with us, and it’s because they have memorable, compelling content.Whether you’re showcasing a new financial tool, marketing new small business packages or plugging an upcoming event, try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about how you’d like to be engaged.

As Ferris himself said: “the question isn’t what are we going to do, the question is what AREN’T we going to do.”

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