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6 tips for sprucing up your content marketing

27 Nov

Content marketing campaigns tend to have a few common elements – they’re accessible, consumable, relevant, solve their target audience’s specific problems, and they contain terrific storytelling.

How can you ensure your bank content has as much of the above components as possible? For starters, consider the following six content enhancements.

1. Take time to write your headlines

About 80 percent of people will read your headlines, whereas only 20 percent will read the rest of your content. A clickable headline not only focuses on keywords, it makes readers curious. The perfect length for a headline is only six words.

2. Length is important

A higher word count generally results in more search traffic. In other words, because of the 200-plus factors that influence how your content ranks, the more content your page has, the greater chance it has of a higher position in Google’s rankings.

3. Create images, infographics and videos

Just like the old saying, ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, it’s a fact that content with visual information tends to do better than content without it. Add visual elements to your content to enhance it.

4. Produce consistent and timely bank content

Being able to develop relevant content, regularly, and in a timely manner is easier said than done. Postings on social media platforms differ depending on which one you’re using. For instance, two posts a day on Facebook is suggested before ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ start to drop off. Likewise, three tweets a day on Twitter and 20 posts per month (one each weekday) on LinkedIn are thought to be optimal.

5. Always have a call to action (CTA)

Consider the wording and the design of your CTAs. When creating your wording, make sure your CTA is direct, creates urgency and conveys value. For example, a CTA stating, ‘Download your free infographic now’ portrays a sense of urgency. Color, position, shape and size also make a difference.

6. Be honest and authentic

You can build trust and transparency with your small business customers by letting them get to know your writing and social media team. Allowing comments below your articles, blogs or other content is one method of opening up a two-way conversation with future prospects.

At TSBC, we have a wealth of content to help your business enhance its own content marketing strategy. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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