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Making the most of social media – for banks and small business

13 Feb

These days there’s a variety of social media options available online, and they are, for the most part, free. Which means you have at your disposal a cost-free resource that can help market your bank and drive traffic to your website. Social media’s on the rise – and taking advantage of it is essential.

It’s important to educate yourself on the options available and decide which ones are best for your business. Remember that it’s not all about Facebook, as effective as it is. In fact, a recent study revealed that YouTube drives the most traffic and has the longest visit duration.

Research on your audience is essential – if you can figure out what social media platforms your potential customers engage on the most, it’ll be a big help in deciding which ones to use. Ask people what social media platforms they prefer, and why. Find out if it makes a difference to them whether it’s business or personal.

One of the main advantages of social media is that you can get real-time feedback on your bank. It’s really one of the best reasons to utilise social media. You need to pay attention to what people are saying. Getting positive feedback is always gratifying, but more focus should be on negative comments, since they’ll help you improve.

The below article looks at social media for business – relevant to banks, but also useful to share with your small busines customers.

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