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Are interactive videos the new two-way conversation?

25 Feb

Video is perhaps the most engaging and useful storytelling medium. It combines sound, sight and motion to draw in viewers – and it’s making a push for topping small business marketing trends this year.

Year of the video

It’s already obvious that visual video content is the number one type of content on the Internet for gaining user engagement. Just look at how many YouTube videos are watched every minute.

And privately, in our own homes, we’re quickly becoming accustomed to watching what we want and when we want it – on-demand.

It’s time for businesses to embrace this trend of enhancing their video libraries, to reach out to new customers and grab their attention. Advertising budgets should be drifting away from television and towards digital platforms.

What to expect from video

So what are some of the predictions we can expect from video? Well, they include:

  • Increased video marketing spending by B2B businesses.*
  • 80% of consumer Internet traffic being video within the next few years.*
  • Growing mobile video budgets – suggesting higher engagement and more direct interaction.*

The next frontier

Interactive video may still be considered the next frontier, but when video meets interactivity it can lead to action.

A great recent, award-winning example of a business’s interactive video came from Philips (razors). The watcher gets to choose the previous night’s facial hairstyles of an actor trying to remember what took place during his date.

The tagline of ‘One click, endless possibilities’ seems fitting as you’re allowed to click on one of five facial styles to choose the storyline. The value of Philips’ electric razor with different heads becomes obvious as you watch.

Benefits of interactive video

With interactive video becoming the next step, what advantages can you expect to gain from adopting it? How about:

  • More engagement – and longer viewing times from potential customers.
  • Awareness – greater product and brand understanding.
  • Audience behavior – tracking and understanding it.
  • Traffic – more web traffic and better conversion rates.

* Video marketing trends for 2016

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