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Are your small business customers ready to franchise?

27 Jun

One of the best and most effective ways to grow a business and see a major spike in profits is to turn it into a franchise.  If you’ve got small business customers selling something that’s in high demand and with a business model that can be replicated, it could be an idea to suggest franchising to them as a path to high growth.

Businesses that successfully become franchises are those that have robust and efficient systems in place. If a business runs like a well-oiled machine with great systems and streamlined processes, including well-trained staff, then there’s a good chance it can become a successful franchise.

When a business owner decides to become a franchisor they’re effectively balancing their time between the core business and the franchise. They’ll be able to create a faster-growing business by embracing growth and the technology that comes with it.

Review the business – the demand for what’s being sold,  systems and processes, and the business owner’s abilities as a leader – and if they can tick those boxes then they business could well become a successful franchise and achieve a whole new level of growth.

Entrepreneur has an article on how to franchise your business in 7 steps which you could share with your small business customers.

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