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Are your small business customers making these online mistakes?

04 Jul

The next time you’re having a marketing chat with any of your small business customers, it’s worth bringing up the subject of their online presence. The thing is, everyone’s online these days. And the first place customers search for businesses is the internet. So it’s really important that small businesses feature prominently in internet search rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an oft-overlooked yet essential component for a successful online presence. Too many people set up their website and then leave it, not realizing that if potential customers can’t find it, it’s pointless. It’s worth handing out some tips for SEO for your small business customers, especially if it’s clear they’ve never given it much consideration. We’ve got some content around good SEO practice that you’ll find useful.

While you’re at it, have a quick run-through with your small business customers to see if they’re making any other common – and easily fixed – online mistakes, such as using social media exclusively without a website, and using a free email provider as their business email address. There are common issues that crop up time and again when it comes to a business’s online presence, and they’re not only easy to resolve, doing so will add so much more value.

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