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Outsourcing administration – the small business opportunity

11 Apr

Running a small business takes a lot of time and energy. There’s sales, keeping an eye on growth, boosting brand awareness, managing employees, manufacturing a product or providing a service, handling seasonal ups and downs… it doesn’t leave much time for the paperwork. And it seems that more and more small business owners are letting that side of things slide, because they a) don’t have the time and b) are finding it too stressful.

If this sounds typical of some of your small business clients, it could be time to suggest outsourcing to them. Many won’t have thought of it, and those that have will consider it an un-necessary expense. The fact is that it’s often money well spent, as it reduces stress by a significant amount, and ensures that the business is on track, administratively. It’s amazing how much a business owner will be able to relax and redirect their energies back into the profit-making and creative side of their business, if they know the paperwork’s being taken care of.

So it could be a good suggestion to make to some of your small business customers, especially if you have other clients that would be perfect for the job – win-win!

The below article looks at this issue in more detail.

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