Monday, 23 July 2018

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Blog your way to better customer engagement

28 Aug

If you’re wondering how to freshen up your website and increase customer engagement, blogs are a great option. Less formal, and shorter than articles, blogs allow your personality and voice to shine through. And they don’t just have to be about what’s going on in the bank. In addition to new financial packages and lending solutions, you can blog about an industry event you’ve been to, a new key staff member, or upcoming events that you’re sponsoring.

Blogs provide a new way to reach your customers, especially if you provide a mechanism for them to comment on the blog. You can promote them through social media, and you’ll gain links to your customers’ websites and social media if they decide to link to them.

So get together with a team of people who are keen writers, and brainstorm about a blog schedule that you can all participate in. Not only will you gain more customers, but it’s great fun.

Check out the Content Marketing Institute’s 11 ways to convert blog readers into customers.

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