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Boost your content with expert contributors

06 Feb

There’ll always be time when you struggle to come up with new content for the small business section of your website. You know it’s important to keep your content ticking over but, well, right now the creative well’s run dry.

That’s when you take a look around the bank and review your colleagues and what they do. Someone could be getting ready to launch a new lending package. There might be a new range of mortgage calculators coming up. The bank might be participating in an industry event.

You’re almost bound to find someone who’s got something boiling over that could do with a bit of publicity. That’s when you ask them to schedule a bit of time to write you a blog, or an article, or give you the information you need for an infographic.

If you can occasionally inject content from someone new – not your usual contributors – and then sell it as a piece of expert content, it’s going to generate interest in your audience.

Not only that, but the author of the piece gets to try their hand at something new as well. And they don’t have to be pushing a new package or financial tool – you can ask them to just write about what they do.

The below article looks at content by experts in more detail.

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