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Business as usual while on vacation

20 Oct

One of the first things entrepreneurs will tell any aspiring small business owner is that long hours and lots of hard work are inevitable, so be prepared for them. But that shouldn’t suggest that business owners aren’t entitled to a vacation every once in a while – far from it. It’s no secret that breaks are needed to avoid burn-out, because a business owner isn’t doing anyone – their business, employees, their family and themselves – any good if they run themselves into the ground.

But how do you turn off when you go on vacation? How can a business owner get the necessary relaxation they need if they’re worrying about what’s happening back in the office?

The answer is simply to be prepared. Business owners should review what’s coming up with the relevant employees, and create a plan or schedule to action everything.

Designating someone they trust to run things in their absence will also help achieve peace of mind. If they know their business is in good, reliable hands, they’ll find it easier to switch into holiday mode.

This is where social media’s also a godsend, because it can be kept happily ticking over while the boss is aways. The below article has some great tips on how to do this.

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