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Buy buttons trending on social media

12 Feb

All the big social media players are in the process of adding ‘buy buttons’ to their sites and apps, with the prospects of catching a slice of your small business pie the main motivation.

Selling directly through your social media account

With Twitter and Pinterest leading the way, there’s a slowly developing trend of small businesses adding ‘buy buttons’ to their social feeds. It’s perhaps the ultimate way to entice potential customers to buy impulsively online.

Small businesses can now add a buy button to, for example, products related to their tweets on Twitter.

With huge numbers of consumers permanently logged into their social media accounts on mobile devices, having your business’s goods available at the click of a button gives buyers unprecedented ease of purchase.

The pros of letting customers ‘buy now’

By adding a buy now button to your goods or services on social media, you’ll give your customers the chance to purchase them in real time. Other benefits to your business include:

  • Helping drive more conversions.
  • Displaying the prices of your products or services.
  • Expanding your reach – use promotional messages and the help of your followers to reach out to new customers and new markets.
  • Consumers being able to make their purchases without leaving the social media site (meaning it’s more convenient for them).

The future for buy buttons

Each social network has taken a slightly different approach to buy buttons, with some testing them and others fully implementing them.

Current statistics show relatively small percentages of social media users actually want buy buttons on their walls or in their feeds.

However, a number of retailers see this as only the start of the direct shopping experience on social media. Their optimism for the potential audience they can reach and their excitement of being able to advertise directly to consumers with a probable ‘one click’ purchase option could be a game changer.

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