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Case studies – a content marketing gold mine

16 Sep

Banks who support small businesses are lucky when it comes to fresh ideas for website content, because they have at their disposal multiple success stories whose journey can be documented in a case study. These little memoirs are content marketing gems, and they are win-win – the bank has some fresh content for their small business website, and the small business owner gets some free promotion for their brand.

The great thing about case studies is that there’s so much more you can do with them, content-wise, after they’re published. For example, what about an infographic? Illustrating how the business made use of some of the bank’s key solutions and resources is a very effective way of getting the message across.

Then there’s a blog. Whoever’s writing the case study could also contribute a blog about their experience with the client, especially if they’ve been to visit them at the site of their business.

And let’s not forget testimonials. You can extrapolate some of the best quotes from the case study interview and use them on your website.

There’s really no end to how much content you can mine from a single case study, especially with a bit of creative thinking.

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