Sunday, 21 January 2018

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14 Nov

The difference between a happy customer and a fan

Fans are happy customers who’ve become a free spokesperson for your brand. It’s no big secret – word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to promote your bank and its products and services.

08 Nov

Make sure your content’s heard over the internet chatter

Getting your share of attention amongst all this online noise is a bigger challenge than it used to be.

01 Nov

What your small business customers are looking for

At the end of the day, what small business owners want is a bank that understands small business.

18 Oct

Writing for an online audience

You don’t need a background in marketing to master the basics of effective web writing.

16 Oct

Content marketing – what not to do

There’s no big secret to success – your content needs to be fresh and dynamic, or your audience simply gets bored and doesn’t return.

11 Oct

Get the most out of great content

Almost all content can be turned into something else, ensuring that you’re maximizing the time and effort that’s gone into creating it. All it takes is a bit of creative thinking.

10 Oct

Infographics – visual, engaging content

An infographic is an engaging way to present information at a glance.

04 Oct

Is it time for your content to speak more than one language?

Creating content in more than one language will help broaden your customer base.

02 Oct

The importance of polished proofreading

There are many good reasons to get a professional to proof your small business content.

27 Sep

Turning customers into fans

When it comes to increasing your customer base, it’s essential to use your existing clients as a marketing tool and really maximize the word of mouth potential.