Sunday, 22 July 2018

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26 Feb

Keeping content fresh even when writer’s block strikes

Keep your small business content fresh and dynamic by conquering that pesky writer’s block.

21 Feb

We live in an online world, but we’re still real people

The idea behind effective online marketing is to get actual people in the door, and to do that you need to remember that even though you’re hooking them in a virtual environment, they’re still real people.

19 Feb

E-mail: an oldie but a goodie

Email might not have the ‘cool’ factor of social media or the flashy ‘tech’ appeal of SEO, but the fact is that it’s still the most effective.

14 Feb

Add value to your content with resources

What really makes your content valuable is if you can provide your small business customers with resources that they’ll use to keep their business running smoothly.

12 Feb

Tips for promoting your small business content

Promotion should be part of any good content strategy – and we’ve got some tips that you can include when thinking about how to promote your content.

07 Feb

Patience is a virtue, especially when applied to content marketing

Generating leads and then converting those leads into customers is not something that happens overnight. It takes planning, and most importantly, patience.

05 Feb

Customer focus: content that educates

Your content strategy should focus on not just what’s useful for small business owners, but what’s also educational.

30 Jan

Inject some humor into your small business content

Content that makes people laugh is almost always unforgettable. Not only that, but if people like a bit of comedy while reading marketing content, they’re more likely to pass it on to someone else.

24 Jan

Keep calm and proofread

Content that’s accurate, polished and professional reflects on you as a bank. Your customers don’t want to see errors in your content marketing, because that’ll get them thinking about where else you might have made mistakes.

22 Jan

Why visual media is leading in content

There really is no stopping the upcoming king of content marketing – visual mediums are increasing, and are increasingly being preferred by small business and big business alike.