Saturday, 21 July 2018

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07 Mar

Be the cash flow experts for your small business customers

Most business owners will, at some point, need some help managing and improving their cash flow.

10 Jan

Kick off the New Year with a Small Business Resource Centre

A bank that’s viewed by its customers as small business experts will develop and maintain excellent relationships with those customers. And one of the best ways to do this is by providing them with a Small Business Resource Centre.

06 Nov

How your small business customers can avoid cyber fraud

Effectively protecting business data and systems from cyber fraud is down to preparation and planning. The better the protection is, the less likely it’ll be the target of an attack.

23 Aug

SWOT Analysis – do your small business customers know how to conduct one?

Your small business customers should be using a SWOT analysis not only for themselves, but on their competitors as well. It helps them to fine-tune their business strategy, because it identifies internal and external factors that can help or threaten their business. If you’re chatting with your small business customers […]

15 Aug

Best practice for handling debt and getting paid on time

Establishing efficient systems means that not only a businesss owner get paid faster, but they’ll also reduce the risk of late or non-payers.

14 Aug

Getting your small business customers ready for succession

It’s important to always have the business in good shape to sell. A business owner never knows when an unexpected offer might pop up, or they might have to step down suddenly for health reasons.

09 Aug

Keep an eye on small business banking trends through social media

Staying up-to-date with social media trends can be an essential part of keeping in touch with your small business customers.

09 Aug

Targeting your small business content at people, not an SME

When you’re creating content targeted at small business owners, remember that they’re human – not just an SME.

26 Jul

The benefits of a good accountant for a small business

Aside from records and taxes, an accountant can – and should – become a trusted advisors. They haven’t spent all that time learning about financial systems for nothing, so they can become a valuable mentor

25 Jul

Explaining depreciation to your small business customers

It’s always a good idea for small business owners to have their taxes done by their accountant, but it’s also worth explaining to them the basics of how they can save money – for example, through depreciation.