Tuesday, 20 March 2018

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14 Mar

Creating the ideal customer experience

The relationship a small business has with their bank can make all the difference not just to their overall success, but to their day-to-day lives.

12 Mar

Why content marketing’s so important for banks

A bank’s customers whether they’re big, medium or small business, and personal customers as well, expect to be able to find help, information and guidance around their financial issues.

07 Mar

Be the cash flow experts for your small business customers

Most business owners will, at some point, need some help managing and improving their cash flow.

01 Mar

Optimize your case studies

Really make the most of your case study content by optimizing how you write them.

21 Feb

We live in an online world, but we’re still real people

The idea behind effective online marketing is to get actual people in the door, and to do that you need to remember that even though you’re hooking them in a virtual environment, they’re still real people.

14 Feb

Add value to your content with resources

What really makes your content valuable is if you can provide your small business customers with resources that they’ll use to keep their business running smoothly.

07 Feb

Patience is a virtue, especially when applied to content marketing

Generating leads and then converting those leads into customers is not something that happens overnight. It takes planning, and most importantly, patience.

05 Feb

Customer focus: content that educates

Your content strategy should focus on not just what’s useful for small business owners, but what’s also educational.

29 Jan

What are small business owners looking for in a bank?

Small business owners are always on the lookout for no fuss, efficient and up-to-date services. The more they can streamline their finances, the better.

10 Jan

Kick off the New Year with a Small Business Resource Centre

A bank that’s viewed by its customers as small business experts will develop and maintain excellent relationships with those customers. And one of the best ways to do this is by providing them with a Small Business Resource Centre.