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13 Oct

Going from employed to self-employed

When people have an idea for a business, one of the biggest risks they’ll take is quitting their day job for it. Everyone dreams of being their own boss, especially if they’re in a job they don’t like, but they’re still risking a steady paycheck for an uncertain future, revenue-wise. […]

19 Sep

What’s behind a successful start up

If someone’s got a great idea for a business, that’s awesome. But it takes more than that to take that idea from the “light bulb” moment into a successful launch. For example, what do they plan to do with their idea? For example, are they thinking of developing that idea […]

14 Sep

Business plans – a blueprint for success

A successful business is one that’s built around a solid business plan. It’s the architecture a business is based on, and a tool that’s always in use to make sure it stays on track. You wouldn’t build a house without a building plan, and it’s the same for a business. […]

05 Sep

Modern tips for small business start-ups

It’s really exciting when anyone gets a ‘lightbulb moment’ – a great idea – and then realizes that the idea can be translated into a business. But it’s only a small part of what it takes to successfully take the idea from imagination to reality. One of the first thing […]

26 Aug

The importance of a great business plan

Think of a business plan as a blueprint for a business. Not only is it needed to show potential lenders and investors, but it’s what will lay out a business’s goals and objectives, and will keep a business on track throughout its life cycle. A well-thought-out business plan provides a […]

22 Aug

What small business owners need to know before launch

Running a business can mean long hours, unpredictable schedules and thinking on your feet with little respite until the business starts to make a reasonable profit. And reaching that milestone can sometimes take years. Entrepreneurs need to be passionate about what they’re doing, because if they’re not, they can quickly […]

17 Aug

Avoiding common start-up pitfalls

There are several reasons start-ups fail. What banks can do is sit down with their new small business customers and go over their launch plan to see if they can spot any of the most common factors behind a start-up failure. Not doing their due diligence when it comes to […]