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Convince your small business customers to move to the cloud

09 Jan

When you’re catching up with your small business customers, it might be a good time to check how they’re handling their accounting. Have they moved to the cloud yet? If not, why not?

Cloud accounting is the way of the future for all businesses, big and small. You’ve probably got accounting packages you can offer your customers as part of a small business deal, and with the start of a new year, it’s time to convince those who are still using spreadsheets or – gasp! – pen and paper, that it’s a new year and time for new and better methods.

If they’re unsure about shifting their accounts to the cloud, it’s probably because they don’t think they’re tech-savvy. Well, they don’t have to be. If they can use email, they can use the cloud. No software installations, updating to new versions or worrying about upgrades. Just remember their log in details and the rest is done for them.

Or they could be worried about the internet ‘going down’. This is a really, really rare occurrence – certainly much rarer than problems on their computer or smartphone. And even if they do lose access for a short time, their accounts will still remain safe.

In the world of small business – and outside of it too – cloud accounting is the way of the future, thanks to its manifold benefits and means of increasing business efficiency. It’ll continue to grow and as it does, it’ll become even easier to use with more features and ways to enhance their business.

The below article is a great one to show them as it outlines why small businesses should move to the cloud.

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