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Data driven storytelling set to be the next big content marketing trend

25 May

Banks are overflowing with client data, but only about 12 percent of that data is really analyzed. How can your bank make valuable use of at least some of the remaining 88 percent? The answer is with a growing type of content marketing – data driven storytelling.

Publish your small business stories

When it comes to gaining and retaining customers, it isn’t really just about advertising. It’s become just as much about publishing – about providing useful content that leads to the sale of your goods or services.

Data driven storytelling is one of the recent trends at the heart of using content to attract leads to become paying customers. The positives from embracing data driven storytelling are:

  • Keeping your brand in front of potential customers.
  • Offering a deeper understanding of the values of your bank.
  • Connecting through stories that your clients find valuable or can relate to.

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Five top data driven stories

There are a few essential narratives that work well when utilizing data to tell a story. They are:

  • Comparisons – how one business is performing compared to its competitors. For example, a comparison story could feature how The Hard Rock Café’s sales are growing compared to Planet Hollywood’s.
  • Relationships – generally the correlation between two sets of data. For example, your bank might decide to take a closer look at the relationship between linking through to your website and filling out your contact form.
  • Trends – how something is increasing or decreasing over a period of time. For example, you might create a data driven story based around the falling usage of bank branches.
  • Rank orders – telling a story about the ranking of the data in a table. For example, you could dig into the data to find out how often your small business clients ask questions online through your chat service.
  • Surprising data – that challenges or confirms something that people think is true or false.

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Uncover new angles for content

Data driven storytelling takes advantage of the growing availability of data sets to investigate and uncover new angles on stories.

There’s an increasing interest in data driven stories, and with easier access to large data sets combined with improved data analysis tools, all the pieces are in place for you to tell interesting stories with your data.

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