Sunday, 22 July 2018

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Encourage your small business customers to become active in their industry

07 Aug

Most small business owners are so focused on growing their business that they – ironically – overlook one of the most effective ways of boosting their brand. Getting out into their industry via workshops, trade shows, industry events and seminars is a great way to not only boost brand awareness, but to keep up with what’s going on in their industry.

It’s also an excellent way for small business owners to connect and engage with their customers on a more personal level. For instance, if a business sells home improvement DIY tools, then running an event that demonstrates how to use them is great exposure. It’s a really effective way to showcase the business and what it sells, as well as gaining new customers and educating them.

People buy from businesses because they trust it and the people who run it. They’re often willing to pay more for products or services if they know they’re buying quality and experience, and there’s no better way to convey this message than running workshops, seminars, demonstrations and other events. It’s all about building customer relationships, which in turn ensures customer loyalty and business growth.

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