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Encourage your small business customers to move to the cloud

03 Feb

It takes some businesses longer to embrace new technology than others. People are often skeptical of what they don’t know, or they’ve got their head around their current systems and are set in their ways. But it only takes one IT-related disaster before they ask themselves the inevitable question – how can I stop this happening again?

This is where you can gently turn them to the cloud. Thousands of computers, all linked together in a warehouse. So instead of using accounting software that’s installed on their computer, and then saving all their files onto the same machine, cloud computing allows them to store all that software and data on a server that they can access anytime, and from anywhere.

And critically, it means that if their laptop is stolen, or their service provider experiences faults, their data’s not at risk. And the laptop thief isn’t going to be able to access all their financial data, because it won’t actually be on the laptop.

What it does mean is that if there is an IT-related disaster, not only is their data safe, but they’ll be able to continue to access it and run their business using a different device. So if the office has been flooded, burned or ravaged by an earthquake, all that’s needed to keep the business going from a financial perspective is to turn to a smartphone, or borrow a laptop.

There are many advances in cloud storage these days. The below article looks at what Dropbox, in particular, is doing.

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