Monday, 23 July 2018

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Gain more customers through content marketing

01 Aug

Content remains king – at least for getting potential customers to your website and interested in something your financial products and services. It’s important to always have an end goal for what each piece of content you create is trying to achieve. For most pieces, you’ll want them to ultimately lead to new customers.

To generate content that aligns with your bank’s objectives and what your customers want, you’ll need to find out what content types appeal to your target market. Each item of content you develop should lead to a product or service, eventually resulting in new customers.

Engaging content can draw direct purchase decisions and generate high conversion rates.  The challenge is to create interesting and entertaining content that’s actually valuable to consumers. And it needs to be easy to find. There’s no point creating great content if no one sees it. After all, there’s no return on investment in content that your target market isn’t reading.

By making your content as accessible as you can and building a reputation for worthwhile content, you’ll start to develop a standing of being a thought leader for your small business customers.

Here’s the Social Media Examiner’s article on how to attract more customers with content marketing.

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