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Getting your website speaking more than one language

18 Jul

For a bank, the ethnic diversity of their customers should be significant when it comes to creating content. Some research on the backgrounds of a bank’s business clients can provide great information on what languages could be considered for website content.

The idea is to create top level content in English, and then translate it into the key languages that have been identified through the background research. It’s about localizing your content for other languages and optimising them with ideal keywords.

And it’s best to get a professional translator on board. Using online translation services like Google Translate is OK for individual words (and for deciphering any communication you may receive in another language), but they’re not a good idea for all the content. Often the message is lost in translation and cultural blunders are inevitable. Using professionals will ensure the content is accurate and that it addresses cultural differences

At the end of the day, you’re looking to connect with a wider audience. Content marketing in different languages doesn’t have to be complex and time consuming, it just requires some planning and the use of professional translators. So with a bit of effort, you’ll connect with foreign customers and increase your online audience.

Here are some tips for designing and building a multilingual website.

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