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Growing your business with cool content

25 Nov

To grow your business, it’s vital you have a strategy surrounding content – particularly online content and how you can utilize it to boost traffic to your site and enhance your brand. How can you make your content cool?

Understand your audience

In order to deliver cool content that helps market your business, you really need to know your target customers – and know them well. You have to give your potential customers what they’re looking for, and your current customers what they want. Following the latest cool content trends might help you find what they’re searching for.

Consumers are aware of their problems, and they have an idea of what their solutions could be. Your job is to create content that can help them decide that your products or services are the solutions they’re looking for.

If your content isn’t connecting with your target audience or proving useful to them, it’s essentially worthless to your business.

Take a look at some recent trends on the content marketing landscape via TSBC’s blog.

Optimize for mobile

Ensure you build an intuitive website that’s fully optimized for mobile devices. After all, cool content is only cool content if your customers can find it and read (or watch) it.

Attention spans are short at the best of times, so aim to create content with:

  • Clear, readable fonts. For instance, words in CAPS have been proven to be harder (and take longer) to read on screen.
  • A responsive design. One that doesn’t lead to potential customers getting frustrated.
  • Space. Breaking up your content with white space by using shorter paragraphs or images in-between text can make the consumption of your content easier for your customers.

Learn how to use automation to distribute your small business content.

Link to other platforms

Cross-leverage your audience by not only displaying your content on your own social media platforms, but also on other sites, blogs and relevant platforms. Share ideas and pieces of content if there are opportunities to increase your customer base or access a different niche market.

For example, you might sell suits online complemented by a clothing blog built into your website. Consider trying to get links to your blog through certain event sites, such as horse racing sites as people tend to dress up when they go to the races.

At TSBC, we’re highly experienced and able to provide you with content that’s original, maintains engagement with your audience, and has value and consistency. Contact us via email at to find out how we can assist you.

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