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Help your small business customers make the most of technology

18 Jun

There aren’t many small business owners who won’t welcome suggestions on how to streamline their business operations and make things like administrative tasks easier. And you can boost your relationship with your small business clients by showing them how to do this and putting them in touch with technology that best suits their business.

Technology’s really essential to business success these days, especially in such a fast-paced, media-driven, online-focused world. What you can do as a bank is demonstrate to your customers how using the right technology can put them on equal footing with their competition, and even big business.

Show them how to get started

So what you can do is give your small business customers some suggestions on making the most of technology to grow their business, such as:

  • Updating hardware – can they ditch some of their old hardware in favour of solutions that are more flexible, such as mobile applications? Getting rid of old hardware that’s outdated and not in use will help them to save money and reduce clutter.
  • Making use of social media – it comes up again and again, but that’s because everyone uses it. If your small business clients aren’t making use of social media, point them in the direction of Facebook and LinkedIn pronto.
  • Developing a customer database – your clients need to know how to utilize their sales data. If they’re not looking at ways to track customer behaviour, show them how to set up a database that will capture this essential information.
  • Updating their business model – changes in technology have helped shape the way for businesses to try alternative business models. Work with your small business customers to update their business model that will make their job easier and create more sales opportunities. We’ve got some content around choosing business models that can help.

One of the more recent trends is creating a virtual workforce. Business owners are often surprised at just how effective the work-from-home option is, especially as it dramatically cuts down on overheads. It means that businesses can employ people globally, which is especially helpful if they’re exporting. So talk to your small business customers about ditching their physical office and going virtual.

Of course, embracing mobile solutions is essential. And getting easier by the day – the smartphone has become a major factor in most business operations.

Here at TSBC, we’ve got some great content around making the most of technology and how small businesses can not only save money, but expand and grow by adopting new technologies that work best with their business. Get in touch with us to see if this content works with your bank’s website.


Glen Senior
Glen is the founder and CEO of The Small Business Company, a New Zealand based agency that specialises in helping banks communicate with small businesses through content marketing. He has written a number of books on small business principles and is a sought after consultant and conference presenter.

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