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Helping small business customers grow their business online

20 Feb

Increasingly, people are doing their shopping online. From books and DVDs to clothing and cars, e-commerce is here to stay. If you have small business customers who you think could benefit from developing an online distribution channel, it’s a good idea to have some advice and guidance ready to give them.

The general thinking is that it’s mostly retail businesses that can take their business online, but in fact service-based businesses can make the most of the internet as well. Setting up online booking systems and selling complementary products online are just two of the ways that your service-based business customers can make the most of online selling.

Of course it’s essential that they’re set up to accept online payments, and this is where you’d point them to your range of payment solutions. They also need to be able to accept credit card payments, and getting them set up for PayPal is a good idea as well.

If they’re creating an online catalogue, and you know of website designers who can develop one, point them in the right direction, because having an easy-to-shop, easy-to-buy website is essential for online trading.

The below article looks at the rise of e-commerce and how small businesses can benefit from it.

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