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Helping small business customers to ‘mobilize’ their business

31 May

Everyone’s got a smartphone these days, and it seems like people are using them for more than just making calls and browsing the internet. They’re used as wallets when it comes to mobile payments, they can take pictures and videos, and all manner of apps can be installed on them.

There are a lot of cloud-based accounting apps that can make keeping on top of a small business’s finances so much easier. It means that no matter where they are, or what they happen to be doing, or what time of day it is, a business owner simply needs to pull out their phone in order to access their financial data.

And keeping accounts in the cloud means they’re a lot more secure. The cloud isn’t going to get stolen or break down. So it makes sense to encourage your small business customers to upgrade their mobile phone and look at the various options for accounting apps that are available. The below article goes into this in more detail.

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