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Helping small businesses recruit the best talent

20 Feb

A key factor that most small businesses hinge upon is customer service. And the best way to ensure that a business is providing an awesome customer experience is to make sure that it has the right staff.

When a small business is looking to improve the quality of the experience it offers its customers, making sure they have the right staff on board is the first step. And as with anything else, prevention’s better than a cure, so getting the right people on board at the recruiting stage is essential.

Your small business customers are probably going to chat with you about hiring at some stage, and it’s handy to have some website resources you can point them at, or a handout they can take away with them, that lay out the basics of recruiting.

For instance, if they’ve decided to go with a recruiting agency rather than doing the shortlisting and interviewing themselves, you could point them in the direction of agencies you’re familiar with. If they’ve decided to do the legwork themselves, then it’s always helpful to give them interviewing tips, as well as guidance on how to write the job description.

The below article would be a useful resource to give them.

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