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Helping your small business customers manage their cash flow

06 Mar

Small businesses exist to make money. But they won’t be as profitable as they can be if the business owners aren’t managing their cash flow effectively.

Most first-time business owners will, at some point, need some help managing and improving their cash flow. And if their bank is on hand to provide that assistance, so much the better – if problems can be resolved, it’s a win-win situation.

It might not be a first-time business owner either – banks are also likely to be approached by those experience in business who’ve completed a cash flow forecast and have realised they’re going to need the bank’s assistance.

One of the first things to check is if people understand their cash cycles. If they don’t have a grip on the ebb and flow of cash in and out of their business, then Job #1 is to help them understand how their cash flow cycle works.

If they’ve never performed a cash-flow forecast before, sit them down and help them with their first attempt. If you’ve got relevant tools and calculators on your website that can facilitate a forecast, point them in that direction.

The below article looks at some of the typical cash flow problems that business owners face.

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