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Overcoming small business growth challenges – how banks can help

03 May

Growing a business isn’t just about gaining new customers, although it’s still something to continually focus on. Improving what business owners offer to their existing customers is just as important, because the better the customer experience, the more chance they have of turning those customers into fans for their business – and there’s no better marketing tool than word of mouth.

There are many ways to grow a business, and it’s knowledge that you can share with your small business customers and include in content on the small business section of your website. Whatever method they choose will come down to what kind of business they have. It’s rare that a business doesn’t already have some resources that can help it grow. Whatever type of business it is, there will be opportunities to grow sales revenue beyond current levels.

Finding new customers, selling more to existing customers (and learning things like the fine art of cross-selling), developing new products and services or creating complementary ones, exploring new markets – these are all great ways to grow a business. And of course, there’s a lot to be said for talking to people who’ve successfully overcome growth challenges – as in the article below.

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