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How banks can revolutionise small business services

15 Mar

More and more, banks are realizing that their small business customers are just as valuable as the big ones. And because of that, they’re working on bringing more of them into the bank. One of the best ways to obtain new small business customers is to offer them services that other banks don’t. It’s called a competitive advantage, and small business owners themselves are very aware of what it means to provide something that’s unique.

Small business owners are looking to build relationships with their bank. They want more than just financial advice and a place to park their money – they’re looking for guideance around all areas of business.

That’s why it’s worth spending some time researching the kind of content that should be published on the small business section of your bank’s website. There are the fundamentals – business plan, cash flow forecast, break even analysis, SWOT template – but it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, stop there. You can create your own competitve advantage by making sure your small business website is full of the kind of resources they can’t get anywhere else – and that’s where we, at TSBC, can help.

The below article looks at ways ‘challenger’ banks are looking to revolutionize small business banking.

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