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How blogs can boost sales

21 Sep

Blogging’s a cheap and easy way to keep a business’s brand name front-of-mind, and increase profits. If a business has  website and social media platform (and they most definitely should), then it makes sense to get the most out of them by adding a blog.

A blog is something that lets personality shine through. People often prefer to buy from someone they feel they have a personal connection. And it’s easily shared across social media platforms, as well as by others.

Regular, frequent blogs are important. Aim for quality AND quantity, although blogs should be quite short – around 500 words is standard. Try to aim for a couple of new blogs per week. If new content is posted frequently, customers are encouraged to come back and bring friends with them.

Blogs should be informative, easy to read, and entertaining. It’s a reflection of the owner and their business. Obviously, it’s important to focus on the offering, but it doesn’t end there. Write about events they’ve attended (especially if they’ve featured prominently), trade shows they’ll be at, community involvement. Remember that people enjoy buying from businesses where they feel they have more of a personal connection. So avoid formality and engage with an audience on a personal level.

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