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How case studies can generate more content

04 Sep

One of the features of a bank’s small business section should be case studies. Small business owners like to read about how their peers have succeeded, and those being featured enjoy a bit of free publicity – it’s win-win.

Here’s the thing – people love to tell their own stories, especially if they’re success stories. So if your bank has clients who are running profitable small businesses, the chances are very good they’ve got some good tales to tell about their path to success.

Case studies are a content marketing gold mine. You can create infographics from the images you used in the case study, as well as in a Power Point presentation you might be creating. If you’re thinking ahead, you could have filmed the interview with the small business owner, and upload it to YouTube so that people get a much more visual feel for the story. You could also write a blog post to go with the case study – the person on your team who interviewed the business owner and wrote up the case study could blog about the experience.

Case studies are also great for mining testimonials. If the business owner says some great things about the bank, ask to use the quotes on your website.

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