Sunday, 24 June 2018

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How content marketing drives traffic

In our fast-paced, changing world, people are inundated with marketing messages, most of which follow the traditional method of interrupting the consumer.

The overload of information and advertising happens not only in the physical world as people go about their daily business, but is rife in the online space as well. However, it appears as consumers are exposed to ever increasing amounts of advertising, they are developing avoidance strategies and even immunity to it.

Even back in 2002, researchers were discovering the fast-paced, disjointed style of modern life was causing people to develop immunity to advertising as a kind of coping mechanism that protected them from being overwhelmed by too much information.

This immunity is also present in the online environment.
Burst Media found if a website was perceived to be cluttered with advertising, 30% of adult users would leave it, and 75% of the remaining web users ignore the advertisements on the page. It was also reported that these kinds of sites not only annoy customers, they reduce the effectiveness of the ads and diminish the perception of the brand.

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